Yoga Helps Every Athlete Thrive

Yoga Helps Every Athlete Thrive

Why Yoga HEAT?

  1. It’s fun! – Well, if you think sweating, moving and breathing is fun.
  2. Meet new people who share your interests – Yoga builds community. Sharing space, breath, and movement gives people a strong foundation for growth and encouragement. You may even find a new running or training buddy!
  3. Fire up your cross training – Sick of lifting on your cross training days? Yoga is a way to tone and strengthen using your own body weight.
  4. Self preservation – Injury-prone? Yoga can help build rarely used muscles, while giving those tight and strained muscles a chance to loosen up.
  5. Bare feet – You don’t wear socks in yoga and there’s not much more fun than walking around barefoot.
  6. Breath work – When you learn to breathe deeply, you deliver more oxygen to your body. When you get connected to your breath through yoga, you can apply this to other parts of your life, whether it’s breathing for relaxation after a hard workout or deepening your breath during a run, it can change the game.
  7. The thrill of the chase – Yoga is simple yet challenging. Anyone can participate in the poses with modifications, but once you are comfortable with basic poses, there are endless variations to take your practice to a new level. This sense of accomplishment can give you confidence to excel in other areas of your life. Suddenly shaving off that last 5 seconds doesn’t look so difficult.
  8. Say hello to your toes – Haven’t touched your toes in a while? No problem. Yoga gives you a reason to reach for the floor and find that flexibility that you’ve been missing.
  9. Balance! – Between work, life, and training, the schedule can get pretty full. Yoga helps bring balance to your life as well as your body. The stress-relief found in yoga helps bring balance to your day and prepares you to tackle the next big thing. Working on your physical balance doesn’t hurt either!
  10. SAVASANA – If you have not experienced a yoga class, you haven’t had the pleasure of the final resting pose called “savasana” or “corpse pose.” This pose allows you to fully experience rest after a vigorous practice. Come to class to see for yourself – a runner’s high can barely hold a candle to post-savasana bliss!



What is Yoga?

One of the popular definitions of yoga from the Eastern tradition is the word “yoke,” relating to spiritual, mental and physical practices.

In the United States, often what we think of when we hear yoga is one small piece of this tradition – the practice of “asana.”

The asanas or postures of yoga have become a popular form of fitness and relaxation in the Western world.

At Yoga HEAT, these poses, shapes or “asanas” are used to help you to experience fitness, stress-relief, build confidence, and general well-being.

What styles are offered at Yoga HEAT?

Though Yoga has many styles, the two primarily offered at Yoga HEAT are power vinyasa and yin. While power vinyasa, which is a yang practice, focuses on building strength, flexibility, and balance using muscles and breath, yin offers a balancing practice where students hold poses for several minutes at a time, stretching and releasing connective tissue in the joints, as well as stress and emotions held in the body.

The two styles are complementary and well-suited to people who are looking for a way to bring balance to their fitness experience as well as their lives.

Who should practice with Yoga HEAT?

Yoga HEAT is for anyone looking for a challenging and fun yoga practice. At Yoga HEAT we focus on the individual and their needs, whether it be yoga for cross training, fitness, or personal growth, we are here for you. From those just starting in yoga, to those who have been practicing for years, Yoga HEAT offers a power vinyasa practice to build strength, balance, and flexibility.

Who will teach me?

Elizabeth will give you a challenging yoga practice, specialized to compliment your activity. She is a 200-level certified yoga teacher (CYT) and is expected to finish her 500-level training by December 31.

With nine marathons completed and a goal to stay an active marathoner for the rest of her life, Elizabeth has the first-hand experience of combining a strong yoga practice with athletic training. She found yoga has strengthened her running and now uses yoga as a portion of her marathon training. She has taught several yoga for runners workshops and currently leads a community running and yoga group at lululemon athletica in East Grand Rapids.

Elizabeth has practiced yoga for more than a decade, and studied with Baron Baptiste of the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute and with Deborah Williamson of Live Love Teach and Midwest Power Yoga. She is also pursuing her American Council on Exercise personal training certificate, with anticipated completion by Winter 2013.

Her passion is helping people set and achieve their athletic and personal goals, with the help of yoga!

What can I expect?

Elizabeth’s powerful and enthusiastic style will push you to explore your limits, develop your yoga experience and reach for new growth, in your activities and in your life.

What should I bring?

You will need a towel, yoga mat and water bottle. Wear comfortable clothes that stretch and are easy to move in. Mats are available for rent if you do not have your own.

What does my teacher need to know about me?

We want you to have the best experience possible. Please tell your teacher if you are pregnant or have a recent or long-term injury. Anyone can practice yoga with the proper modifications!

When should I arrive for class?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for class. This allows you time to check in, as well as a few minutes to prepare for practice and allows the teacher to start on time.

How do I sign up for class?

If you have a membership or a 10-class package, you may sign up online. If you are purchasing a single drop-in,  you may sign up and pay online before class. If you plan to drop-in and pay at the studio, please arrive a few minutes early to ensure your space. Please note, if you have signed up for class but are not present 2 minutes before class starts, someone else may take your place. Classes are limited to 50 people.


Class Descriptions


Sliding Payment-Inclusive Community Yoga

Yoga HEAT wants to make yoga as accessible as possible. To support this, we offer at least one class a day that is pay-what-you-can or, as we like to say, SPICY.  These classes are denoted as “SPICY” on the website. You can always use your package to sign up for these classes as usual, or you can drop-in and name your price. We want everyone to be able to enjoy yoga! 


Hour of Power

Wake up right with Fired-Up! Just the way to start your day, this class is an hour of power vinyasa meant to get your body moving and ready for whatever lies ahead.

Morning Burn

Take 75 minutes out of your busy day to treat yourself to the Morning Burn. We’ll spend just over an hour flowing and maybe even some long-holds and partner work. All are welcome – be ready for anything!

Hot Lunch

Noon Power Vinyasa

Got an hour? We’ve got the class for you. Spice up your lunch time with a vinyasa flow with a heavy emphasis on building strength and core. Yummy!

Inner Blaze

Power Vinyasa

Burn bright with Inner Blaze! This class will give you a great workout through the vinyasa flow, keeping that inner fire hot!

Beginner’s Spark

Power Vinyasa

A class for beginners that anyone can join. We’ll show you the basics of power vinyasa while still getting a challenging practice. Everyone is welcome!

Yin Glow

Yin Yoga

Slow it down to stoke that inner fire. Yin Glow will balance that vinyasa heat and give you the opportunity work deeper into some of the poses you already know, as well as some new ones.

HEAT with a Beat

Power Vinyasa

Power Vinyasa – A power yoga class set to a variety of music. This class takes you through a challenging flow mixed with anything from rock, r&b and techno to top-40 and a few flashbacks!

Lava Flow

Power Vinyasa

Flow like lava – Hot and Slow – This class is for anyone looking for more flexibility in their hips and strength in their core. A mix of power vinyasa and long-holds, this class will be perfect for those of you getting in a long run or bike ride on Saturday morning, then looking to stretch it out.

Open Flame

Power Vinyasa

Face the Open FlameThis vinyasa-style class is focused on alignment to dig deeper to open your shoulders, heart, and hips making your feel warm and toasty from the inside out!

Glowing Embers

Power Vinyasa/Exploratory Poses

Build the Glowing EmbersThis is an advanced class to deepen your practice with more intricate poses. Like the embers are the foundation of the flame, this class will help you build a more challenging and powerful practice. The first portion of class will focus on warming up through vinyasa, the workshop more challenging poses such as inversions and arm balances. This class is open to all, and modifications will be given to all levels.


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